We’re here to tell a story that many don’t believe to be true.

The Gay Club is a narrative that tells the true story of a young lesbian named Hailey, who attempts to create a Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) club during her time in high school. Despite the backlash she knew she would receive due to religious, political, and cultural pressures, Hailey was determined to create a connection with other LGBTQ youth and allies. This biopic demonstrates how Hailey and her friends uplift their small town despite a number of struggles.

Why is this film important? Many don’t realize this issue continues to exist everyday. This is a true story that takes place in rural Georgia within my hometown and high school. Between Hailey and my own first-hand experiences, we’d like the opportunity to highlight what LGBTQ youth in rural areas are experiencing. Many live in communities where LGBTQ resources are extremely limited on an economic and geographic level. Religious affiliations within these areas can also cause pressure for those who are simply wanting to be themselves.

Representation matters. This film is not about romance, death, or coming out. This is a story about community, connection, kindness, and bravery. It is not a story about personal acceptance. It’s about uplifting community acceptance.